Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why buy silver or gold?

I have a video here that explains the danger of unprotected stocks.  We need to realize the danger or risk we have. I propose a solution of buying silver or gold to protect your stock or mutual funds or any other investments. I feel that silver is a better choice. See my page on how to buy silver and gold. here is the video:   I do not feel that a major crash is imminent but it could come at any time. Personally I think Europe could have more problems but I think September will be Ok or at least a good time to get back into the markets.  I do not think Europe will bring down the world economy.  The problems we sweep under the rug today will re-surface if we have other suprise problems.   I do think in years to come a natural disaster could bring the world to panic.  Markets will drop like the Japanese market dropped earlier this year but it could be worse if the disaster hits the USA.  There will be no warning so you need to be prepared in advance.  We will have a number of good years and it will be the last thing on peoples minds then it will suddenly happen and the sell off in the stock markets will be devestating.  Even in good times be careful how much you margin, you may wake up to margin calls because of a suprise.  I encourage silver and gold because the fiat currency we have could also suffer, it would be good to have cash too. I am keeping some in the form of nickels because they are allready worth 6 or 7 cents a coin.  Pennies before 1982 are worth more than face value as well but you need to look through the pennies. For the values of all coins from the USA and Canada see
Paper money is good in small amounts, it may lose value though due to inflation.  The zinc pennies are worth about  2/3 of a penny and quarters are worth only 8 or 9 cents. Nickels are the best form of cash, you do not have to look through them yet and if you need the money you can take them back to the bank.  If you do not have at least 10% of your investments in silver or gold you are in danger. You could buy ETFs, bars, or coins.Keep in mind people may sell silver to pay stock margins especially if silver is high so they may be volatility but in the long run silver and gold will be the best investments to have to protect your net value. I do not recommend large bars. Stay below 100 oz. bars unless you have a lot of money. See my page on how to buy and sell silver and gold.

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