Friday, June 21, 2013

Silver going counter to stocks

Silver will not perform well until late 2014. Stock markets will hit record highs in the next few years. If you have a lot of silver sell some of the .999 silver and buy FNMA then in a few years buy the silver back. You could buy it back as late as 2015 perhaps but do not wait any longer. Silver and gold stocks will outperform the metals especially later on. There will be a stock market crash in 2016 and it will not recover in your lifetime.
    REITs may have run their course. I sold mine in May 3 2013 and bought FNMA and ran it up to $5.10 and sold it. REITs had dropped 16% while I held FNMA. I tried buying them back and the slide continued.  AGNC is hedging the interest rate rise and they declared $1.05 but I'm out of REITs now. Buying GGN this fall may be an idea. I think next month FNMA will continue to rise and if not then it will go up at the next quarterly report. NTI seems like a better pick than AGNC but this quarter will be the weakest one of the year but it may be factored into the price already.NTI may make 50 to 60 cents this quarter but the next one should be well over $1 like $1.25 or more. Do not buy GGN or GNT quite yet because if gold drops $200 in a day it will definitely impact the gold stock. Gold stock will recover before the actual metals.