Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bedford report

Bedford report says there is a 50% chance that the US govt.  credit could be downgraded which could impact REIT dividends. REITS are up today on better news out of Washington on a debt deal.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AGNC has another good quarter

They beat the analysts estimate by 10 cents per share.

Net income:     $1.36
Taxable income   $1.56
Book value:       $26.76
Undistributed income- leftover from the last dividend: $.44
Average leverage rate: 7.6x

The budget problem in Washington is still suppressing REITs and will continue to until the problem is resolved or at least the debt ceiling is raised. I do think they will raise the debt ceiling which is like raising the amount you can charge on your credit card. I do not like the fact that Republicans refuse to let wealthy people pay higher taxes but yet under President Bush they spent way to much money and lowered taxes instead. The war which the Iraq part was not necessary and expensive plus the medicare prescription plan was also quite expensive with no way to pay for it. Now President Obama is trying to spend money to get the economy going which I do not think is quite as bad. Regardless of who is at fault there isn't enough money. I say buy some silver and or gold to protect your income stocks, I dont think anything will happen this time but maybe years ahead we may be glad we have it. We could just simply have some more inflation or we could have a default situation caused by a natural disaster. Personally I do not feel that President Obama is doing a bad job, I tend to be more in agreement with him than the Republicans. I do think silver will go up this fall.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

REIT stocks down again

I think it may be due to the debt problems in Washington perhaps similar to this spring.  The markets in general are mixed but all REITs are down.  I do think they will resolve it, they will probably raise the debt ceiling which will fix things for now but it seems to me like sweeping the dirt under the rug. When they come to an agreement the markets will rebound.

3:05 The markets took a beating.  Here is an interesting video from July 13 2011:  Ron Paul vs. Bernanke  Is gold money?
I do feel we all need silver and or gold in all of our portfolios to protect our net value. It may not be a real good short term investment and you do not get dividends but when all else fails these metals will shine.

AGNC $29.12  -.48      -1.62%
ARR     $7.38    -.11      -1.47%
IVR      $21.04   -.56     -2.59%
NLY    $17.89    -.21     -1.16%
CIM     $3.29      -.09     -2.66%

Nasdaq 2762.67  -34.25  -1.22%
3:17pm Kitco
$ index  75.256    +.048   +.06%
Silver     $ 38.46   +.23
Gold      $1586.40  +3.80   

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


VPLM was raised to the "OTC Pink Current Information tier" in the Pink market at 8:30 this morning, The company president had told me he was doing this and he thought it would go through. Markets are up and REITs are up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NLY just did an offering

This is a deal I cant pass up, I just bought 1000 at 18.10. The Vlmp is dropping I sold the penny stocks and got some NLY on margin-- much less risky than developing companies. Maybe next year for speculation in new companies. CIM closed at $3.42 but the rsi is actually going up a little- looks a little scary to me. Credit Suisse considers the book value at $3.23 now.They do give the stock a favorable review though.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Markets down on European debt

Nasdaq is down 2% and the REITS are all down except ARR (unchanged) which is pregnant with a dividend of $.12 (Goes exdiv tomorrow). NCEN and  VPLM are also down.  Except the problems in Europe there is no REIT news.

NLY $17.95  -$.37 -2.02%
CIM $3.45 -$.07    - 1.99%
AGNC $29.90 -.30 -.98%
ARR  $7.66 -.01      -.13%
IVR  $21.63 -$.39   -1.77%
NASDAQ                -2.00%   -57.19   2802.62

CIM is at or below book value. Oil is down and gold is up:
$$ INDEX +.679 @ 76.006
GOLD      +9.5    @  1553.70 at 3:30 central time
SILVER   -.92     @  35.79

Personally I think silver and gold could still correct down along with oil but I think oil is more certain to come down than the metals. People are buying gold to protect their assets but many are driving less because the prices are high and the economy is not good enough to maintain such high gas prices. People are also selling foreign currency and buying US dollars. I do not feel that the US economy is in risk, 2012 should be a good year but interest rates could rise in 2012 along with the improving economy which will impact the REIT sector.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

VPLM stock

This is a penny stock that actually has a product out on the market. here is an add for it:   This product is for smartphones. The price of the stock is $.027 but more people are buying than selling this morning. This company is something like Magicjack. You can make long distance international calls with VPLM---Voip Pal Com Com. AGNC is down today but the other REITS are up. AGNC is reversing yesterdays gains, ARR is doing well.NCEN has a very low volume.

VPLM sells Magicjack, here is a link to their website:
I use magicjack for all of my long distance and it does work. The local phone company doesnt like it so they illegally block local calls on magicjack but I have a local line so i just use that to call neighbors. The magicjack works perfectly for all long distance calls. I used to use a cell phone for long distance, the magicjack has a much clearer sound. You have to have internet to use magicjack. Magicjack is CALL on the exchange, these are 2 companies but VPLM sells magicjack. I have been using magicjack since december of 2010. VPLM is for smartphones and international long distance, they also have an antivirus program for smartphones.

I talked to the president of VPLM on the phone- it was hard to find but he picked up the phone. The device is a virtual version of magicjack--nothing to plug in used on Android and I-Phone as an application that you download off the internet. This is for the business traveler, you pay by the minute but you can also call outside of the USA. he said a 3 to 4 hour call to India would cost about $8. You can also download the program to your laptop. You would use a computer handset to make the call. The program is very similar to Skype but it works on I-phone and Android.  In the next week VPLP plans to file for "Full Disclosure Status" on the Pink Sheet listing.( I believe this is the OTCQB status which is the middle tier of the OTC market) He thinks the company will be approved by the Pink sheet. To register and buy minutes go to . The minimum purchase to begin is $10. I do think the business traveler would be interested in this product, if anyone buys it leave a comment on how you like it.The President, Dennis Chang is a very sucessful businessman.  Here is a link to more information:

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy 4th of July

message for independance day: happy 4th of July:
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