Wednesday, December 18, 2013

REITs have not done well lately and neither has silver and gold.  Interest rates seem to be the culprit.  Palladium is outperforming and is a better pick for now. Instead of AGNC I have DX. They both pay about the same dividend. DX is $ .27 and AGNC is $ .65. I do not recommend to much REIT stock or metals right now but it is 100% marginable.  I have FNMA, FCEL, HZNP, and SPF. GALE and FMCC would also be good but they are the same as what I have. 2014 will be the best year for stocks you will ever see, make the money while you can. Silver will be good to buy later, perhaps you can sell the FNMA when it hits $8 and put it into silver or SLVO. Perhaps silver and gold will hit bottom mid year 2014. Stocks and silver may go counter to each other but I would not short metals.  Stocks will hit record highs in 2014. I plan to open the tower in 2014 as well.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


First here is a report on VPLM:
VPLM has some patents that may attract some attention and be worth a lot of money. If nothing else they may be able to sell the patents.

The Federal Government will continue buying mortgage backed securities so interest rates should stop going up so much. I think AGNC will declare $1.05 this coming Friday afternoon after close. ARR lowered the dividend but AGNC has extra money from better quarters so I think AGNC will retain the latest dividend. Book value should be ok now and even recover.  FNMA and PLUG are good plays on the stock market.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Metals and dividend stock

Safe to get back into silver, gold and REIT stocks. GGN and other gold stocks are also a very good buy. GGN and many REITs are at 2009 levels; you will get decent dividends plus a rise in share price at todays levels.07-10-2013 9:36pm

Friday, June 21, 2013

Silver going counter to stocks

Silver will not perform well until late 2014. Stock markets will hit record highs in the next few years. If you have a lot of silver sell some of the .999 silver and buy FNMA then in a few years buy the silver back. You could buy it back as late as 2015 perhaps but do not wait any longer. Silver and gold stocks will outperform the metals especially later on. There will be a stock market crash in 2016 and it will not recover in your lifetime.
    REITs may have run their course. I sold mine in May 3 2013 and bought FNMA and ran it up to $5.10 and sold it. REITs had dropped 16% while I held FNMA. I tried buying them back and the slide continued.  AGNC is hedging the interest rate rise and they declared $1.05 but I'm out of REITs now. Buying GGN this fall may be an idea. I think next month FNMA will continue to rise and if not then it will go up at the next quarterly report. NTI seems like a better pick than AGNC but this quarter will be the weakest one of the year but it may be factored into the price already.NTI may make 50 to 60 cents this quarter but the next one should be well over $1 like $1.25 or more. Do not buy GGN or GNT quite yet because if gold drops $200 in a day it will definitely impact the gold stock. Gold stock will recover before the actual metals.

Friday, May 3, 2013

REITs ran course? AAPL new opportunity

I sold AGNC a few days ago and now today it is down 7%. I bought AAPL or Apple and a little FNMA. AGNC lost $1.57 last quarter.The USA is working to be an oil producer and NTI may be a good play but NTI is thinly traded and the price swings a lot.

Keep accumulating silver but watch out for the Chinese fake coins. Even PCGS coins are being faked. Do not margin silver or try to buy at the bottom ( catch the falling knife). they have a bill to make all of our money out of steel. Nickels and pre 1982 pennies may be a good idea to keep. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daniel Yuhasz
Daniel Yuhasz   Apr 16, 2013 05:21PM GMT
It is a currency war. When interest rates even start to go up then the dollar will be in trouble. Silver will go up but there will not be much warning. When a wild animal is in trouble it fights the hardest. The catholic church may be in the same situation as the Dollar. Both will go down hard and stocks will likely follow. I expect the stock market crash to begin in 2016 and stocks will reach record highs in 2014 maybe 2015. The Elite is struggling to hold power and they can manipulate the markets and people are fearful and computers make trades faster. I expect a 50% or more correction In stocks then we can get back in the markets in 2017. The coasts will flood and there will be earthquakes to add to the problems. The next 2 years will be good for stocks but there will always be some volatility. Silver will be unprofitable for a year or so then in 2014 it should start to go up. Now is the time to accumulate real silver but don't buy on borrowed money or play the markets. Be careful with margins with stocks as well but there is money to be made. I wouldn't short silver either even if everyone else is. buy in small quantities on a regular basis and buy small denominations and be careful of Chinese fake coins. Constitutional silver is holding value pretty well in this bear run and can be hard to find at times. I think dimes would be a good way to go but even dimes are being counterfeited.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Physical silver hard to find again

It is getting hard to buy physical silver just like 2008. Many bullion places are out of 90% silver. Here is an article:

I still recommend buying dimes from before 1964 but I would avoud the ETFs for now. If you do have to buy an etf get PSLV.  Do not leverage silver or buy contracts.

REITs are recovering and AGNC should announce dividends in the next 2 weeks. I think they will hold the $1.25 dividend.

Here is another article of interest.