Wednesday, December 18, 2013

REITs have not done well lately and neither has silver and gold.  Interest rates seem to be the culprit.  Palladium is outperforming and is a better pick for now. Instead of AGNC I have DX. They both pay about the same dividend. DX is $ .27 and AGNC is $ .65. I do not recommend to much REIT stock or metals right now but it is 100% marginable.  I have FNMA, FCEL, HZNP, and SPF. GALE and FMCC would also be good but they are the same as what I have. 2014 will be the best year for stocks you will ever see, make the money while you can. Silver will be good to buy later, perhaps you can sell the FNMA when it hits $8 and put it into silver or SLVO. Perhaps silver and gold will hit bottom mid year 2014. Stocks and silver may go counter to each other but I would not short metals.  Stocks will hit record highs in 2014. I plan to open the tower in 2014 as well.