Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today I am recommending buying Bitcoin. This does not mean you put everything in to it but some exposure may be good. It is not controlled by the Big Banks or the elite. As far as I know it can not be manipulated or shorted like other assets. It may be a force in transforming our world to a more honest monetary system. it is around $2700 now and was at $3000 yesterday-- a good time to pick some up.
   In the fall we could see a banking crisis- this may perform better than gold and silver. I think gold and silver could be negatively impacted if stocks fall because people will have margin calls and may sell metals or other investments to pay off margin calls. Later metals like gold and silver will go up perhaps. my strategy is to wait until the stocks come down and then buy metals. I do think we will recover- perhaps some stocks will be a good deal as well. silver could go down to $10 but soon go back up to $20 but if you buy it now you will take the roller coaster ride. Bitcoin may be a big winner here outperforming everything. many see it as a way to circumvent the elite controlled assetts alltogether. In fact I say buy some to thumb your nose at the elite.( But use discretion) it may have a place in correcting our economic system in the future. perhaps the US will come up with its own digital currency to replace the dollar.
    Global warming: We will have global cooling- the weather will be erratic. We are gradually going into a mini ice age. it will make the oceans produce more fish which we need to replace some of the beef we eat to much of. keep firewood if you can in case the power goes out. it is not something to be worried about especially if you use common sense and are prepared. keep a little extra food in your house and have some extra money and supplies- I do not know what the employment situation will be in the future- it is always best to have some money in case of job loss or emergency. I do believe the problems will be solved and good times will return.
    As far as stocks it looks like REIT stocks are doing ok ( they took some corrections in the past few years)but with an impending banking crisis or stock market problem I can't recommend buying REIT stocks or any other stocks. if I bought anything I think AGNC would be the best company but they could be impacted along with the other markets though perhaps delayed some in some cases. companies like Ford are already going down- if you could find a bottom you could pick up Fords dividend-currently at 5% if you think the leadership is honest there. I kind of do not trust the leadership though I do drive a Ford car.Ford just laid off a lot of people and some stores are slowing down or closing- could be a downturn coming but not certain.
    I am not a supporter of Trump but he is teaching us a hard lesson and we will not let this happen again. Vote better next time! god will give us some wonderful opportunities to make our lives better dispite what is going on- we may be surprised. In my opinion he is helping special interests and big corporations but cutting benefits for the rest of us. it is evident in the people he chose for his cabinet as well. we will have to figure the budget but cutting benefits and increasing the military which is already 50% of our budget does not seem to be the answer. Sending military to Saudia Arabia or Israel (  military stocks are doing ok) is not the answer as well. it feeds the military industrial complex and kills people.