Friday, August 26, 2011

VPLM stock

VPLM is at $.0068. I talked to the founder of the company Richard Kipping and he thinks the stock is down because the market is down so much which makes sence.  I told him Im looking for insider trades on this company. He has stock but is retired from the company, he also said some people he knows have bought some VPLM stock. VPLM is at a record low right now, do you think it is an opportunity?  If you look at a 5 year chart the RSI is the lowest today it has been in 5 years. Click on the chart to get a bigger picture. The charts are from    VPLM bought Call Arc. You can get free or enexpensive international calls on your cell phone or computer. Basically you can fill out forms to get free minutes or you can buy minutes-- you can also get others in for credits. Here is a video on how to do it:  The purchase of Call Arc was recently by VPLM , the name will be changed to My Points Phone website is

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