Thursday, August 25, 2011

Refinancing possibility

9:50am President Obama may let homeowners refinance their home loans. The interest rates are falling. This could be bad for REITs. I sold everything and they are still coming down. Here is a link:

Margin requirements were raised on gold which caused the fall in price a few days ago.
11:03pm   Put 2/3 of portfolio to silver and gold--mostly silver. The rest has some REITs including 600 ARR and no CIM.  I still think CIM is a good buy but my portfolio of REITs is smaller and ther is no room for the risk.  ARR may be better than CIM, they have a $-.14 for last quarter but higher earnings at other times and they have decent ratings.  I still say it is odd how they reported the earnings but the stock outperforms CIM and pays monthly. Gold margins were raised from $7500 to $9450 on the futures market. I do not think we are going into another recession but REITs may see some turbulance. If the market picks up silver may go up with the market and we may see some inflation. After all it is an industrial metal. Next year at this time this will be just a memory. Silver and gold have much higher to go, we are not at the end of the bull market and Gold is not in a bubble.  There could be a sell of off of some gold to re-enter the stock market and I have much less of it than silver. They may come down some but silver is used in industry and until we fix the broken system both will go up steadily over the long run.

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