Sunday, April 1, 2018

Silver is the most undervalued asset April 1 2018

Stocks are sort of bought up but the market is in a consolidation. Bitcoin is in a bubble and will go back up in 2020 Bitcoin could go down to $4000 or even lower on a short term drop and Litecoin could go back below $100. Do not buy unless you can stand a $50 value for Litecoin and $2500 Bitcoin for a while( Good price to buy in maybe). I still think the technology behind these digital currencies are a great invention but we will have a consolidation phase to go through and we still have the rest of the bubble to fall through first. There may be a period where crypto goes up for some months even but it will likely hit new lows after that. I do not believe there will be a stock market crash. I think the elite may drive stocks higher being they can not manipulate or predict what Trump's reaction will be to their plan. They simply can not plan much with Trump in office because Trump is not part of our traditional elite. I think stocks are safe to buy, may want to wait a few more weeks to buy in though. Silver is the most undervalued asset at the $16.50 price range. It costs about $14 to produce silver bullion so the downside is limited and if it goes down mine production will reduce because mines can not produce silver at break even or loss. New inventions in electronics may drive prices of silver higher. I do not see any major economic condition or problem to cause panic for gold and silver but we will still have the slow inflation robbing our dollar.  Oil should remain stable or even come down in price.  The elite is also into Big Pharma making money off from our illnesses and cancer while real cures are hidden from our sight. The elite is weaker than decades ago. We will see global cooling by 2032 due to normal cycles of the sun and water cycle. We need a decentralized energy production or the energy grid could fail.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today I am recommending buying Bitcoin. This does not mean you put everything in to it but some exposure may be good. It is not controlled by the Big Banks or the elite. As far as I know it can not be manipulated or shorted like other assets. It may be a force in transforming our world to a more honest monetary system. it is around $2700 now and was at $3000 yesterday-- a good time to pick some up.
   In the fall we could see a banking crisis- this may perform better than gold and silver. I think gold and silver could be negatively impacted if stocks fall because people will have margin calls and may sell metals or other investments to pay off margin calls. Later metals like gold and silver will go up perhaps. my strategy is to wait until the stocks come down and then buy metals. I do think we will recover- perhaps some stocks will be a good deal as well. silver could go down to $10 but soon go back up to $20 but if you buy it now you will take the roller coaster ride. Bitcoin may be a big winner here outperforming everything. many see it as a way to circumvent the elite controlled assetts alltogether. In fact I say buy some to thumb your nose at the elite.( But use discretion) it may have a place in correcting our economic system in the future. perhaps the US will come up with its own digital currency to replace the dollar.
    Global warming: We will have global cooling- the weather will be erratic. We are gradually going into a mini ice age. it will make the oceans produce more fish which we need to replace some of the beef we eat to much of. keep firewood if you can in case the power goes out. it is not something to be worried about especially if you use common sense and are prepared. keep a little extra food in your house and have some extra money and supplies- I do not know what the employment situation will be in the future- it is always best to have some money in case of job loss or emergency. I do believe the problems will be solved and good times will return.
    As far as stocks it looks like REIT stocks are doing ok ( they took some corrections in the past few years)but with an impending banking crisis or stock market problem I can't recommend buying REIT stocks or any other stocks. if I bought anything I think AGNC would be the best company but they could be impacted along with the other markets though perhaps delayed some in some cases. companies like Ford are already going down- if you could find a bottom you could pick up Fords dividend-currently at 5% if you think the leadership is honest there. I kind of do not trust the leadership though I do drive a Ford car.Ford just laid off a lot of people and some stores are slowing down or closing- could be a downturn coming but not certain.
    I am not a supporter of Trump but he is teaching us a hard lesson and we will not let this happen again. Vote better next time! god will give us some wonderful opportunities to make our lives better dispite what is going on- we may be surprised. In my opinion he is helping special interests and big corporations but cutting benefits for the rest of us. it is evident in the people he chose for his cabinet as well. we will have to figure the budget but cutting benefits and increasing the military which is already 50% of our budget does not seem to be the answer. Sending military to Saudia Arabia or Israel (  military stocks are doing ok) is not the answer as well. it feeds the military industrial complex and kills people.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Election 2016

If we vote Trump in America and the world will have a depression. His astrology is weak after September of 2016. If Trump wins sell stocks and buy gold and silver. If Clinton wins sell silver and gold; the markets will continue up.
   My personal view on Trump is he knows what he wants to dismantle that Obama spent 8 years building but has no plan or ideas what to replace it with.All he can do is criticize but no answers of his own. He also insults women and minorities and can be harsh on people which could be bad for peace making. The election will be close but i think Clinton will win.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

About our government in the USA: President Obama is not the cause of our problems, he is fighting the Illuminati in our Congress. We are getting some progress and people are actually leaving the Illuminati but there are still a lot of bad influences in our government. In fact ISIS may be in power because of insiders in our government. We have a mixture of good and bad here in America- things are getting better but we have a long ways to go. ISIS has to be defeated by cutting their funding. I would not be surprised if they get funding from the USA- they do have some money and there is a fight to cut the funding but bombing them alone will not work. Arabs and Jews will have to come together along with Iran to defeat them. There will be a large terrorist attack on the USA and the big oil and energy companies would rather we have a nuclear meltdown or big oil spill than let out the inventions that would make us free of oil and nuclear. All we need is an earthquake and one of those plants will split open like an egg then everyone will go like gangbusters to reveal new energy devices-- after its to late. We have a bunch of greedy bastards in power- should be washing dishes in prison rather than be in govt. and business! Big changes are coming late next year in our economy- the wrecking ball is coming so a new economic structure can be built. get out of stocks next year before it happens in the fall of 2016.

Stocks: BMNM is doing well despite low earnings of late. Citigroup was caught manipulating but they are so big they are not affected at all. BMNM has insider buys- keep BMNM. general markets have higher to go - we have a little more than a year left of this bull market. California will likely have the earthquake late next year. The movie put out about California is not realistic at all but regardless people in california and the areas near the Pacific like Japan should be ready and know what to do. There are those Lightworkers who can mitigate the damage but we should be prepared for the worst afterall this is an earthquake zone. Silver and gold should return to the spotlight later this year.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mahendra's Pharma stocks

The drug stocks Mahendra mentioned are doing well especially HZNP but I would sell these kinds of stocks soon because any controversy could make them fall and our Pill industry in general is based on keeping us sick so we buy more pills. America will fix the rest of the financial system but there may be turbulence in markets in late 2016 as the old system comes down. Silver and gold should do well- I think the Dollar will have to be set back to the Gold standard. BMNM is doing well; more insider buys and it traded at $ 2.24 briefly. The 2 Koreas will be reunited and Iran and Turkey will make changes for the good. Married priests coming in Catholicism if the Church makes it but I think it will- leadership will change things so it has a usefullness in daily life for the youth. The traditional Catholicism is no longer useful- in a way it never was but now they know it.  Silver and gold may perform better this summer.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mahendra mentions drug stocks that they are a buy. They are doing well but I now say avoid them because much of the drugs we buy are not the answer and scandals or bad news could come suddenly and drop the price. BMNM has more insider buys and it looks good to buy this. There could be dividends down the road but they do have to pay down old losses- these are not loans or money owed to someone but are just tax losses. Citigroup is due to do well this summer. This stock is a pick of mine though. We will all have to come together to defeat ISIS and their funds will have to be cut- it will be more effective to isolate them than to bomb them because they can do violence and fear better than us as they are the ( most of)  remainder of the dark energy on earth. Look for Iran to have a good change.

Monday, March 2, 2015

This link may not be here long--- Mahendra Top Traders Unplugged- I will paraphraise some below but best to read the article:

2015: Buy Technology and banking stocks mid year. Banking will make historic rise particularly stocks that took big drop in past. Silver and gold will also do well after mid 2015- do not buy until then.
First half of 2015 will see some volatility in markets- will go up a lot then come down a lot. Silver and gold will go down more and silver will perform worse than gold possibly. Metals could drop  (gold ) $200 to $300 yet from where they are today.

Gold long term---Long term bull cycle in gold will last until 2052 from 2001 then "death for gold"--- it will no longer be relevant to society. Gold may go to  2000 to $3000. 2030-2035 important era in gold.

Currency markets will be volatile in 2015 For the next 2 1/2 years US dollar will be strong.

 Euro:  Euro will be on par with dollar in next year or so- will go to .83 and in 10 years will hit .5-- sounds like a slow drop. One or 2 nations may drop out of the Euro- I do not think he is 100% sure it will be dissolved- people can divert the negativity and save it from demise. 2022-2023 will be when it ends if it does end.

Oil: Oil will go to $20 per barrel but not all at once- will take some years- next target is 44.55 then $30.

Real Estate 2015-2016 strong real estate market due to low interest rates and fears of rising rates to come.  2nd half of 2015 to end of 2016 very strong real estate market in USA , Japan and Europe.
From 2018 on do not buy real estate to re-sell. You can buy a house now if you can afford it  but after 2018 problems in real estate market-- do not invest in real estate. 2025-2026 new technology in real estate- new homes will be built. After 2018 9 years of sideways or varied cycle for real estate- people will not buy houses.

China- 2022-2023social problems in China because of government changes- uncertain times in world economy.

2017-2018--bad markets. currency markets may fluctuate wildly--fall in markets. enjoy nature- enjoy money you made in previous years. I'm kind of thinking here be out of the stock market so you do not have to worry about your money- you can enjoy it in nature.

Note I have seen mention of begin of stock market fall in fall of 2016 in other messages not from Mahendra- even other astrologers mention this as well as the Pleidans. Mahendra has also mentioned fal of stocks in fall of 2016 as far back as 10 years ago- he doesn't tend to change his predictions.

So for not -to recap-- I say wait to buy silver and gold- hold palladium or keep it if you have it and stocks are ok but be careful if you do not like volatility. In the summer make sure you have exposure to banking and technology stocks. get out of markets by fall of 2016. Long term hold for silver and gold until 2052 but there will be fluctuations on the way up. I can not say if anything will perform including silver and gold in 2017 and 2018 though if anything does do well it probably woulf be gold and silver at that time as people may be nervous and they tend to buy silver and gold in hard times.

The following stocks are my own picks- not listed by Mahendra:
Banking: Bank of America BAC at 16,01
Suntrust  STI   41.27
Citigroup   C 53.49

Citigroup did a reverse split and was like $3 some years ago- the low was less than $2- I bought some in March of 2009 and it went up a lot. With the reverse split it is at $53.49 at todays close and with this figured was $500  before the crash of 2008-2009- C is an interesting stock indeed.

technology: my picks- these 2 stocks have relatively low risk grade

Other interesting to own:
BMNM if you have a large enough portfolio- they run ORC- this is higher risk and low volume.