Friday, August 12, 2011

More insider buys at CIM, and RSO

3. Since 2011-8-4 RSO has had 26,000 shares bought by insiders. The company deals in commercial real estate. This company isnt as good as AGNC or CMO in ratings but is worth a small investment.

Markets seem to have calmed down but many of the good deals are bought up. It almost seems like it is back to normal prices. Europe could create more volatility in our markets yet, some of the weaker companies could come back down. With a promise of low rates until 2013 companies like AGNC, NLY, and CMO will not come down much anymore unless they have an offering which they did some in the summer already. In another month most of these companies will be pregnant with dividends, they all had decent earnings, RSO was kind of weak though with $.11/share. 

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