Monday, June 27, 2011

GNT insider buy

On June 14th Director Conn, James bought 3000 GNT.  I do feel that gold and silver could go down more. Oil should go down more too. At 11:36 wti oil is $90.79, there are places in central Wisconsin that have gas at $3.43 (near Madison)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Inside sells at IVR

3634 shares were sold since june 22, since Early June 7500 shares were bought by insiders. For details click link.
Markets were down today, ARR was down 10 cents, otherwize REITS were not affected. WTI oil is $91.23 this evening.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gold and oil down

WTI crude at 11:19 am is $91.18 down 4.43%. Gold is $1521  -26.90. The consumer nations of oil agreed to release oil reserver for the third time ever thus increasing supply. Gas prices are dropping as I write. Stocks are down, especially commodity related. Dollar index is up .80 to 75.592.  REITS are down some. AGNC is $28.63 down .215, just like IVR and ARR lately you cant hardly tell there was an offering, the price may have been down aftermarket but not during the day. Perhaps demand for this is going up. GNT and GGN is down because they hold gold and some oil, I would wait to buy them for a little while. AINV is down the most at $9.74--was $10.10 a few days ago. I think President Obama is doing good by releasing the oil reserves, the price was already going down, this will drop the price a lot and save our economy which was being choked by high oil prices. Strings are also being pulled in the Federal Reserve to help the econome and interest rates will stay down. Foreign imports such as shoes and clothes are expected to go up some, perhaps it will be more worthwhile to buy American products. I think wages in China are going up.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AGNC announced an offering tonight.

Im guessing the offering  is for about $27.77 a share, I didnt notice it until after 9pm at night. Despite markets being down today REITs and closed end funds( except AINV) were up. Metals looked mixed earlier today with gold up a little and silver down a little. NCEN closed at $.036. It looks like those asking are holding out and making buyers pay what the ask is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

IVR offering at $20.15

IVR public offer price: $20.15 or $342,550,000
Commissions                $    .25
Proceeds to IVR           $19.90
Settlement June 20

REITS Close:
IVR  20.89  -$.10
AGNC $20.89  +.10
ARR  $7.40  -$.07
CIM $3.52 +.02     $.13 dividend declared yesterday-- old one was $ .14

Closed End Funds:
GGN $17.10  +.34
GNT  $17.54  + .34
AINV $10.145 +.10

Wind  NCEN  $.032  -.004


I called NCEN investor relations. They claim they could break ground on the new CBWP wind plant any day now and possibly be done by this December. They still have to get turbine financing yet.  NCEN owns 30% of CBWP. The new wind farm  will have 200 MW total which is 100 turbans in North Dakota.  NCEN has connections to financing and CBWP has the technical knowhow. CBWP has put up turbans before but to their regret they sold them in 2005, it seemed like a good idea at the time. The risk grade on NCEN is 631 is trading at $.035 as of 12:30 tuesday. CBWP is at  a nickel a share but the ask is $.08 so there is no volume. NCEN is easier to buy it seems. IVR is down only $.12 after an offering, I would expect a bigger drop than that. ARR is $7.39, AGNC went ex dividend today. Link to more information:

Monday, June 20, 2011

IVR offering today

IVR is down 70 cents from the close, if you dont have it or have enough it is a good time to get in.

penny stock wind NCEN insider buys

2011-6-4 Schaftlein, Mark chief executive officer of Nacel Energy bought 1,169,600 shares of NCEN. He currently holds 1,549,600 shares.

Fleming, Murray (officer and director)  bought 1,000,000 shares of NCEN, currently has 2,000,000.

This is a wind turban site developer, they do not yet have operation but they did recently invest in CBWP (Crownbutte Wind Power) which has some turbans. The risk grade on NCEN is 822.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lawsuit over CIM, CSX,NLY and FIDAC

Fidac manages CIM and CSX. Apparently CSX shares were offered lower than what they should have been instead of selling them at a higher price. CSX and CIM both suffered similar losses. Take a look at the legal documents:

ARR news

ARR is being added to the Russel Global, Russell 3000, and Russell Microcap.Zacks recently rated ARR a sell but I do not have any details why. ARR is down $.08 today. Stock Scouter rated ARR an 8 out of 10 (outperform the market), the old rating was  a 10. Reuters is neutral as of yesterday as it was before before.  I do not see any news but the trade volume is high. Other REITs are down today but not  much. Vector Vest basically has not changed their ratings- still a hold, below average safty and undervalued compared to April 11, 2011. The Fed. Chairman Bernanke does not plan to raise interest rates any time soon, I expect that to come early next year. I see talk of the risk of non-agency paper- risk of loan defaults for IVR on message boards.  An new ETF came out that is invested in REITs, it is called ROOF. It has 20.73% motrgage REITs, 17.97% Retail,17,6% office, also has hotel and diversified. Companies included are IVR, DCT,RWT,and SHO. GNT is down again at $17.06 leaving a 9.85% yield, GGN is $16.984 which leaves a 9.89% yield - these closed end funds invest in gold and other commodities which have been down some lately and may be feeling the preassure of a down market. Their NAV is also down. 8pm WTI crude is $92.91--gas should go down some more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IVR Insider buys

The green are insider buys.

ARR dividend announcement this morning

ARR announced dividends of $.12 each for holders on record:
  July 15, will be paid July 28
  Aug. 15, paid on the 30th
  Sept. 15, paid on 29th.
The ex dividend is usually a few days before the record date. This was the dates given on Etrade, ex div. dates not given yet.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why gold related stocks are down more than gold

There are fears of difficulty in procuring funding, they fear banks may not loan money out similar to 2008. GNT is down as well as GGN but gold is also down which is what they have, their NAV is also falling. The mines are going through the same thing as well as other corporations that need funds from lending institutions to operate.Today ARR went ex dividend, dont sell until after the record date(June 15). ARR has a monthly dividend. Personally I do not think we will have a big downturn in the markets or economy but metals could drop more and oil will come down more. I think part of the reason for the slow-down is oil went to high and it spooked people so they pulled back on spending. The debt crisis in Europe is bad, I think the Euro could lose some value but I think we here in the US will be ok.

On 2011-6-8 James Balloun's wife bought 5000 shares of IVR at $22.57. He now owns 7500 shares total.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Markets down again

Saudia Arabia or Opec indicated they were going to reduce production but they raised it instead. This will help gas prices, I predict gas prices to go down this summer and possibly metals as well. They operate well over there when oil is at $70 a berrel, if the price is to high then people stop using much gas.  11:01 am:   Silver $36.67 -.90,    Gold $1535.20   -$9.10,  $ index  +.54 at 74.732,  WTI crude $99.26 - $2.67 or down 2.62%             NASDAQ -30.90  -1.15% at 2653.97. AGNC declared the $1.40 dividend this morning. ARR is at $7.69. I sold my ARR that was on  on margin made some cash. I had bought it when they did the offering.  The econbomy is not strong enough for high oil prices so they have to come down, the high oil prices we have had have been a drag on our economy. CIM is $3.55 down $.03, they should be announcing dividend soon. I think they are 10 cents from book value. AGNC is having a hard time going up in this market- it is back and forth from negative to positive trading on the day.  11:22 Cim has an RSI of 32.37 at $3.54, it is not totally oversold yet but a dividend announcement may stop the drop. The markets have taken a beating the last week and CIM is falling with the general market, when the market comes back up CIM will also go up. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stock indexes are down for 4 straight days.

CIM clode at $3.73
CIM - $.06 to 3.73 (  book val. is $3.45)  IVR 22.43 unch,  AGNC -.03 to 30.31,  NLY -.02 to 18.20, ARR +.01 to $7.57, NASDAQ - 30.22 (-1.11%), silver +.52 to $36.81, gold +$2.10 to 1544.50, and the $ index + .294 to 73.986.  Unemployment is still over 9%, ironically big businesses are doing fairly good but people are not back to work. I think much of this is much of our production is done overseas or by machines.  The problem is the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. I do not think the big businesses are passing down the savings they reap by using machines and cheap overseas labor. I also do not care much for regular stock because very little cash gets to the stockholders and equity can take a big hit without notice. I am still bullish on REIT stock, the slowing growth will likely delay any interest rate hikes for a while. I predict things will pick up though and rates will go up early in 2012. AGNC has a good hedge against interest rate hikes, they have an investment in place at all times to insure themselves (and the stockholders) against a hike in rates. For those with an appetite for a little risk CIM is quite oversold. I also think the Nasdaq is kind of oversold now. GNT is down more, it could go down again if gold takes a drop, it is oversold some but not like CIM.  AGNC should declare dividends any day now- I predict another $1.40.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reason why I said no offering

ARR Investor relations said a few weeks ago that they will not sell stock below book value-- well they didnt. It went for $7.40 a share. This is considerably more than the last offering. I picked up more today at $7.46-it is going up already.  I was thinking that the share price wasnt high enough to do an offering, apparently they got a better deal this time.  Silver is down today as are the general markets, unemployment is still bad which is pulling down markets. I do not think we have to worry about interest rate hikes for at least 6 months. AGNC and GNT are also down mor due to general markets. Gold may not go down as much as silver but it could pull GGN and GTN down but it shouldnt affect the dividend. ARR closed at $7.45, I bought more at $7.43.  AGNC should declare dividends in the next 8 or 9 days. I think it will be another monster $1.40 dividend, they still have money left over from last quarter.