Friday, May 1, 2015

Mahendra's Pharma stocks

The drug stocks Mahendra mentioned are doing well especially HZNP but I would sell these kinds of stocks soon because any controversy could make them fall and our Pill industry in general is based on keeping us sick so we buy more pills. America will fix the rest of the financial system but there may be turbulence in markets in late 2016 as the old system comes down. Silver and gold should do well- I think the Dollar will have to be set back to the Gold standard. BMNM is doing well; more insider buys and it traded at $ 2.24 briefly. The 2 Koreas will be reunited and Iran and Turkey will make changes for the good. Married priests coming in Catholicism if the Church makes it but I think it will- leadership will change things so it has a usefullness in daily life for the youth. The traditional Catholicism is no longer useful- in a way it never was but now they know it.  Silver and gold may perform better this summer.