Thursday, July 7, 2011

VPLM stock

This is a penny stock that actually has a product out on the market. here is an add for it:   This product is for smartphones. The price of the stock is $.027 but more people are buying than selling this morning. This company is something like Magicjack. You can make long distance international calls with VPLM---Voip Pal Com Com. AGNC is down today but the other REITS are up. AGNC is reversing yesterdays gains, ARR is doing well.NCEN has a very low volume.

VPLM sells Magicjack, here is a link to their website:
I use magicjack for all of my long distance and it does work. The local phone company doesnt like it so they illegally block local calls on magicjack but I have a local line so i just use that to call neighbors. The magicjack works perfectly for all long distance calls. I used to use a cell phone for long distance, the magicjack has a much clearer sound. You have to have internet to use magicjack. Magicjack is CALL on the exchange, these are 2 companies but VPLM sells magicjack. I have been using magicjack since december of 2010. VPLM is for smartphones and international long distance, they also have an antivirus program for smartphones.

I talked to the president of VPLM on the phone- it was hard to find but he picked up the phone. The device is a virtual version of magicjack--nothing to plug in used on Android and I-Phone as an application that you download off the internet. This is for the business traveler, you pay by the minute but you can also call outside of the USA. he said a 3 to 4 hour call to India would cost about $8. You can also download the program to your laptop. You would use a computer handset to make the call. The program is very similar to Skype but it works on I-phone and Android.  In the next week VPLP plans to file for "Full Disclosure Status" on the Pink Sheet listing.( I believe this is the OTCQB status which is the middle tier of the OTC market) He thinks the company will be approved by the Pink sheet. To register and buy minutes go to . The minimum purchase to begin is $10. I do think the business traveler would be interested in this product, if anyone buys it leave a comment on how you like it.The President, Dennis Chang is a very sucessful businessman.  Here is a link to more information:

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