Thursday, July 14, 2011

REIT stocks down again

I think it may be due to the debt problems in Washington perhaps similar to this spring.  The markets in general are mixed but all REITs are down.  I do think they will resolve it, they will probably raise the debt ceiling which will fix things for now but it seems to me like sweeping the dirt under the rug. When they come to an agreement the markets will rebound.

3:05 The markets took a beating.  Here is an interesting video from July 13 2011:  Ron Paul vs. Bernanke  Is gold money?
I do feel we all need silver and or gold in all of our portfolios to protect our net value. It may not be a real good short term investment and you do not get dividends but when all else fails these metals will shine.

AGNC $29.12  -.48      -1.62%
ARR     $7.38    -.11      -1.47%
IVR      $21.04   -.56     -2.59%
NLY    $17.89    -.21     -1.16%
CIM     $3.29      -.09     -2.66%

Nasdaq 2762.67  -34.25  -1.22%
3:17pm Kitco
$ index  75.256    +.048   +.06%
Silver     $ 38.46   +.23
Gold      $1586.40  +3.80   

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