Monday, July 11, 2011

Markets down on European debt

Nasdaq is down 2% and the REITS are all down except ARR (unchanged) which is pregnant with a dividend of $.12 (Goes exdiv tomorrow). NCEN and  VPLM are also down.  Except the problems in Europe there is no REIT news.

NLY $17.95  -$.37 -2.02%
CIM $3.45 -$.07    - 1.99%
AGNC $29.90 -.30 -.98%
ARR  $7.66 -.01      -.13%
IVR  $21.63 -$.39   -1.77%
NASDAQ                -2.00%   -57.19   2802.62

CIM is at or below book value. Oil is down and gold is up:
$$ INDEX +.679 @ 76.006
GOLD      +9.5    @  1553.70 at 3:30 central time
SILVER   -.92     @  35.79

Personally I think silver and gold could still correct down along with oil but I think oil is more certain to come down than the metals. People are buying gold to protect their assets but many are driving less because the prices are high and the economy is not good enough to maintain such high gas prices. People are also selling foreign currency and buying US dollars. I do not feel that the US economy is in risk, 2012 should be a good year but interest rates could rise in 2012 along with the improving economy which will impact the REIT sector.

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