Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AGNC has another good quarter

They beat the analysts estimate by 10 cents per share.

Net income:     $1.36
Taxable income   $1.56
Book value:       $26.76
Undistributed income- leftover from the last dividend: $.44
Average leverage rate: 7.6x

The budget problem in Washington is still suppressing REITs and will continue to until the problem is resolved or at least the debt ceiling is raised. I do think they will raise the debt ceiling which is like raising the amount you can charge on your credit card. I do not like the fact that Republicans refuse to let wealthy people pay higher taxes but yet under President Bush they spent way to much money and lowered taxes instead. The war which the Iraq part was not necessary and expensive plus the medicare prescription plan was also quite expensive with no way to pay for it. Now President Obama is trying to spend money to get the economy going which I do not think is quite as bad. Regardless of who is at fault there isn't enough money. I say buy some silver and or gold to protect your income stocks, I dont think anything will happen this time but maybe years ahead we may be glad we have it. We could just simply have some more inflation or we could have a default situation caused by a natural disaster. Personally I do not feel that President Obama is doing a bad job, I tend to be more in agreement with him than the Republicans. I do think silver will go up this fall.

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