Thursday, May 26, 2011

shorting ARR but losing?

ARR is up$.125 at 12:46pm today. people were shorting ARR thinking there would be an offering. I do not believe there would be an offering at this price. Now they are covering their shorts-they have to buy the stock at the higher price to pay the bank off. This is possibly driving the price higher.   These kind of things go on with penny stocks, it is kind of silly. ARR may not do the offering for another year, they do not have to do it within a month or anything.  Other REIT stocks are only up modestly at this time.  I do not recommend playing with these kind of stocks, the whole idea of holding them is the cash dividend. People were selling ARR just before the ex dividend this last few weeks and the stock went up and they lost the cash dividend. Now if they want to get back in they get a smaller dividend because the price is higher. 

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