Thursday, May 12, 2011

CIM insider buys, Market still hemoraging silver.

Officer Woschenko, Christian bought 20,000 CIM  at $3.94, presently holds 158,973 shares 2011-5-6

Lambiase, Matthew, Chief Executive Officer, bought 50,000 CIM at $3.92, has 465,000 shares 2011-5-6

10:46am silver is down $1.86 to $33.17, gold $1498
Hearing stories on blogs that ARR has not fully deployed the last offering cash yet, they think there will not be another offering since they still have cash. I called them, all cash was deployed back in April, as soon as they get the money they can invest it. They do not want to offer shares below book value, personally I do not think they will do an offering in the next several days. I think it will have to go above or near $8 before they do an offering. IVR beat earnings estimates by $.01 a few days ago.

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