Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fractional Reserve banking

Zeitgeist has a video that is quite long but at the beginning discusses the Fractional reserve system.  this has a bearing on REIT stock as well as silver and gold. basically it says the monetary system we have now is un-sustainable. I say in my commentary we should all have some silver and or gold in our portfolio to protect our value. Here is a link to the video:    ( click on the eye)

I am not associated with the makers of this video but it is thought provoking.  There are some things we do in society that are unsustainable:

1. Eating meat- uses up resources needed by the starving and is unethical-raises commodity prices

2. a monetary system based on debt or money not backed.

3. our transportation system and energy usage

4. The way our religion is run and imposed on people as fact when it is frequently not.

5. Industry  does not produce economical products and wastes resources.

I do not advocate tha the end of the world is coming or that there will be a crash or disaster but being the population of earth is so great we will have to address these problems or else our quality of life will deteriorate.  The longer we wait the harder it will be to fix the problems--I think people will wake up though.

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