Friday, May 27, 2011

GNT closed end fund

The closed end fund is called Gabelli Natural Resources, they invest in gold, and other commodities with an emphasis on gold. Basically they trade the Etfs and may do mining stock and generate a dividend- something bullion cannot do unless you physically buy and sell it which is a lot of work.  GGN has been around for years, they did take a beating for stock value in 2008 but it did not effect the dividend at all.  GNT is a new version of the same type of business. GGN is AMEX and GNT is new since January of 2011 and is NYSE traded. NAV is the value of the assets they hold, similar to book value but not the same. It changes from day to day.  I find that this GNT, which is presently trading at $18.86 whichn is $.20 over NAV presently, lowers your risk grade on your portfolio. It has a risk grade of only 21 where AGNC has a risk grade of 168.

SLV-  silver ETF   risk grade  218

AGNC  REIT stock                168

ARR      REIT stock                106

GNT  closed end fund                21

Both silver ETF and the GNT bring down the risk of the portfolio, the silver due to diversification, and the GNT because of lower risk and diversification. I trade with Etrade.  GNT just declared monthly dividends for June, July, August, and September. The record date is June 16th, have it by the ex dividend date, they dont list it but it is usually 2 or 3 days before the record date. each month will have it's own record date just like ARR has. GGN is somewhat more overbought than GNT right now and the price for GNT is closer to NAV right now.  GNT's RSI is 49  while GGN is overbought, so I favor GNT but GNT is new. Both of these work with gold.

What GNT is invested in:
            50.4% metals and mining
            20.8% Energy and energy services
            12.1% Specialty chemicals
            6.2%   agriculture
            2.3%   machinery

A drop in the price of gold could impact GNT stock performance.

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