Friday, December 14, 2012

$1.25 Dividend for AGNC

At 6:37pm AGNC ( American Capital Agency) is up after market after announcing dividend. The second half of December will be better than the first half. They will resolve the Fiscal Cliff and silver and stock will go back up. Chart is from Etrade. I suspect next yeat AGNC will pay $1 per quarter but will continue to raise the book value. The book value is $32.49 so we are below book value here. This will go up a lot when the Fiscal Cliff is resolved plus we have the dividend run up.

PSLV closed at $12.76 but is at 12.81 at 6:46.Live chart on Forex (silver) is $32.33.  Keep buying silver, this is a good deal. Silver will outpace gold in 2013.

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