Friday, December 21, 2012

Is silver at the bottom?

Yesterday I sold all of my AGNC and bought PSLV with the proceeds. I left enough margin to take another drop in silver without having a call. I am glad I sold the AGNC because today it is down 1.6%. Silver is up a little. I bought in at 29.95 (11.828) as PSLV and it is 30.16 now.($11.895) The markets are difficult to navigate. Dividend stocks seem to be getting hit the hardest as well as metals. Many think silver is being manipulated by big business, I am seeing comments on Forex about it as well as other articles. The Republicans refuse to let the wealthy pay tax. If the company does not make money they dont get taxed. Public programs will have to be cut or our money will be devalued; there is no money. We cant spend without having income. Public opinion is with the President, if Republicans want to be in office next term they better make a compromise.

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