Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to buy REITs

REIT stocks such as AGNC, ARR, MTGE, and other dividend stocks are responding to better news on negotiations about the Fiscal cliff.
At 1:20 pm Here are the prices and the book values:
                                               Book value:
AGNC   $30.91                        32.49
ARR      $ 6.79                         $7.91
MTGE   $24.22                        22.08
  ( non- REIT)                                         Net asset value:
PSEC    $10.38                           10.88   
GNT      $14.27                          13.42

The FED is bidding up the mortgage backed securities which tends to raise book value of the REITs but interest rates cause pre-payments which reduces earnings. This should cause the stock to hold value despite lower dividends. The stocks may actually go up. I expect PSEC to go up as well, they had a favorable quarterly report.

Insiders have been buying AGNC and ARR stock in the last 2 or 3 days. I think we have seen the bottom of the REIT market.

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