Friday, May 11, 2012


I contacted a man named Gavin in Canada from the company that VPLM bought the patents. There is question in the VPLM message board about the validity of the trade. The patents do exist and 2 were described to me over the phone. I spent an hour looking for this information and yes the company does exist.
   The company is a Canadian Vancouver company called Digifonica; they last traded at $.04 in April. They had a $800,000 debt. The former Director was given the patents to sell to pay off the debt. Gavin thinks the patents were definitely worth a lot more than $800,000. Gavin knows the director of Digifonics.  Digifonics Gibraltar held the patents. 
here is a partial description of 2 of them:
1. "RBR" " Strong patent" very advanced technology
2.  Network Voip calls to GSM  network to Wi-Fi network

It looks like the patents were given to VPLM for shares of VPLM. The debt could likely be paid back at down  ( we speculated on) to  10% or 25% of the original loan. I have heard of this  done with credit cards. 
if I get more information I will post it on my blog. This information is from notes I took while on the phone.

My take on the transaction:  The patents are real and useful. Stock was given for the patents. The patents could make money for VPLM. I do not know when the shares would be sold but they do have a debt to pay.

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