Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FNMA earns $2.72 Billion Bmnm a value too

Silver is down again today. I checked my email and got news that FNMA (Fannie Mae ) made 2.72 billion dollars this quarter and they do not need any more taxpayer money. This is the first time they made real money since 2007.I bought some right away and rode the market up to $.30 close. Watching the trade i see there are a lot of people perhaps like myself entering what may be a chance to ride the real estate recovery up. Basically I sold silver etf to buy FNMA. I put less money into FNMA than I had in silver but dont need to tie up as much money to get some decent exposure to a chance to make money. Mahendra Sharma was off on his predictions on silver and for June he is bearish but he seems to be right about FNMA. All of the REITs are outperforming silver right now. This is an election year and statistically speaking silver has gone down on election years. I still think that silver is oversold but I am more bullish on real estate. Bmnm or Bimini Capital has a book value of $.61 and is going for $.25 per share. Last year they had a hard year but their recent quarter is positive again. The volume is low but they could bring back the dividend if they get another positive quarter. The price is half of book value; it is certainly something to look into with a recovering real estate market.

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