Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time to buy PSLV, or SLV or bullion

This is the Sprott silver ETF backed by silver bars. Sprott does not short his own fund either, he is a believer in silver. Silver, gold, the US  Dollar and US  stocks will move up together in 2012. People from foreign countries will be diversifying their portfolios with gold and silver this year. American stocks will be doing well, not sure about foreign stocks, I do feel the American markets will outperform foreign markets. ARR did an offering last night; they are down around or a littover 1%. They did an offering last month as well but the price is not down much this time. I got a 3% or more discount on the stock  in December.

what is the difference between SLV and PSLV? 
Both are based on silver bullion but PSLV is trading at a 25% to 27% premium to Net Asset Value (NAV).  I am not sure why this happened but I think it gradually happened over time. SLV does tend to follow the physical market better. The volume of SLV is greater and this especially shows up in after market trading so PSLV is not as liquid as SLV but in the day they both trade normal. After market you basically cannot sell PSLV because there are not enough buyers. PSLV has a lower numerical value which may be a plus for day trading. ( you can buy more shares for $100 than SLV) The people who run PSLV may be truly pro silver and honest but people are paying more for the fund than what it is worth. Another difference is PSLV cannot be directly shorted like stocks can. This may be part of the reason for the premium over NAV.

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