Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Short term bear market

The next 10 days will be bearish for stocks and metals- silver and gold but 2012 will see large gains for stocks and metals especially silver.
India and China are selling gold but America is buying it. In 1991 the Rouble failed because they didnt have enough gold; America is doing good for itself by buying gold. Germany has the 2nd  largest gold holding in the world.

$1550 bottom for gold in 2012
$26.80  bottom for silver in 2012

If you buy equal amounts of silver and gold at the same time you will make double what gold makes with the silver. I highly recommend silver over gold.

Housing values will recover. FMCC and FNMA may go back up; REIT portfolio  values should go up as well. How much the portfolio is worth will go up but earnings I am not certain about with low interest rates and refinancing risk. 

Eoro should stabelize after a few weeks. Eventually years from now it will collapse though.

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