Thursday, October 27, 2011

US mint / Euro

The US mint started selling the 25thth Anniversary  silver Eagle set today for $299.95 for the 5 coin set. It completely sold out by 3:30 pm. The website went to a slow crawl. They are completely out of the 100,000 sets -- there will only be 100,000 coin sets made.  Who said there is a low silver demand? Silver is over $35 at close today. The US mint put a limit of 5 sets to be bought by any household so no one can get more than 5 , period. is offering  $400 for each unopened set and APMEX is offering $425.  They are also pre-selling them on for around $440 or more.
     The Euro will crash by 2016, temporarily it is fixed at least for a few days. The European Union is doomed to fall apart.

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