Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2012 Obama to be re-elected

I do believe this is all silver will fall. If it falls further all the physical will get bought up anyways so no one will be able to get silver anywhere near the price anyways. I think the upper 20s is as far as it will go, it has been in the mid 20s but was bid back up real soon. I think $30 is a real good price to buy silver. It will resume the upward progress after a month or so. I think stocks will follow it up. I do not believe we are re-entering another recession or double dip. 2012 will be a good year and employment will improve as well as house prices. President Obama is trying to help people refinance and other programs are in place and I think it will get him re-elected. CIM is at $2.57. Even if people refinance and the Twist program goes through CIM may not be affected by it. CIM book value is 30% higher than what it is trading at. I feel AGNC is the best REIT as far as the people running the company. I personally have diversified away from REITs but have some AGNC and $1035 worth of CIM. I sold the VPLM and I do not feel like re-entering it so CIM replaced it.

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