Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Markets are down;AGNC comments on prepayment risk

AGNC is down 6% this morning and ARR took a huge 80 cent drop yesterday from $6.80. Here is a link to what AGNC says about the risk involved:

AGNC claims they have loans that will be less impacted by prepayment risk.

Some may say to ride this out and collect the dividends but only if you will not need some of the principal investment soon. PSEC will not likely be impacted by the Twist program, in fact some say they will benefit and their share price is down less than 1% today so far( 8:46am) The days of having a portfolio full of REITs is over, they should only be kept in small portions now. 2010 was sure a nice ride.  I do think AGNC is the best run REIT.

11:55 AM 2011-10-4
RSO was down a lot today but now it is in the green!
I was thinking of selling half of my position of RSO but Indianastro has a financial astrology on its daily astrology and it said not to do stocks today.  I decided not to touch anything because in the past they were right when they made a suggestion.  It did take a drop yesterday and my astrology said it was good to trade so I did and I bought it all back at a lower price. This does not mean I suggest you check your astrology before going to the brockerage page but often I do. The markets are also in the green as well I do believe the market will recover but REITs have their problems currently. IVR and CIM are getting hit the hardest; ARR is down too. I just checked ARR, it is down $.01 on the day. Somebody got some ARR and RSO at a deep discount.

3:52 talk about a twisted day!  The following are the closing price charts for PSEC, AGNC, and RSO.



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