Monday, June 13, 2011

Why gold related stocks are down more than gold

There are fears of difficulty in procuring funding, they fear banks may not loan money out similar to 2008. GNT is down as well as GGN but gold is also down which is what they have, their NAV is also falling. The mines are going through the same thing as well as other corporations that need funds from lending institutions to operate.Today ARR went ex dividend, dont sell until after the record date(June 15). ARR has a monthly dividend. Personally I do not think we will have a big downturn in the markets or economy but metals could drop more and oil will come down more. I think part of the reason for the slow-down is oil went to high and it spooked people so they pulled back on spending. The debt crisis in Europe is bad, I think the Euro could lose some value but I think we here in the US will be ok.

On 2011-6-8 James Balloun's wife bought 5000 shares of IVR at $22.57. He now owns 7500 shares total.

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