Monday, June 6, 2011

Stock indexes are down for 4 straight days.

CIM clode at $3.73
CIM - $.06 to 3.73 (  book val. is $3.45)  IVR 22.43 unch,  AGNC -.03 to 30.31,  NLY -.02 to 18.20, ARR +.01 to $7.57, NASDAQ - 30.22 (-1.11%), silver +.52 to $36.81, gold +$2.10 to 1544.50, and the $ index + .294 to 73.986.  Unemployment is still over 9%, ironically big businesses are doing fairly good but people are not back to work. I think much of this is much of our production is done overseas or by machines.  The problem is the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. I do not think the big businesses are passing down the savings they reap by using machines and cheap overseas labor. I also do not care much for regular stock because very little cash gets to the stockholders and equity can take a big hit without notice. I am still bullish on REIT stock, the slowing growth will likely delay any interest rate hikes for a while. I predict things will pick up though and rates will go up early in 2012. AGNC has a good hedge against interest rate hikes, they have an investment in place at all times to insure themselves (and the stockholders) against a hike in rates. For those with an appetite for a little risk CIM is quite oversold. I also think the Nasdaq is kind of oversold now. GNT is down more, it could go down again if gold takes a drop, it is oversold some but not like CIM.  AGNC should declare dividends any day now- I predict another $1.40.
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