Monday, March 2, 2015

This link may not be here long--- Mahendra Top Traders Unplugged- I will paraphraise some below but best to read the article:

2015: Buy Technology and banking stocks mid year. Banking will make historic rise particularly stocks that took big drop in past. Silver and gold will also do well after mid 2015- do not buy until then.
First half of 2015 will see some volatility in markets- will go up a lot then come down a lot. Silver and gold will go down more and silver will perform worse than gold possibly. Metals could drop  (gold ) $200 to $300 yet from where they are today.

Gold long term---Long term bull cycle in gold will last until 2052 from 2001 then "death for gold"--- it will no longer be relevant to society. Gold may go to  2000 to $3000. 2030-2035 important era in gold.

Currency markets will be volatile in 2015 For the next 2 1/2 years US dollar will be strong.

 Euro:  Euro will be on par with dollar in next year or so- will go to .83 and in 10 years will hit .5-- sounds like a slow drop. One or 2 nations may drop out of the Euro- I do not think he is 100% sure it will be dissolved- people can divert the negativity and save it from demise. 2022-2023 will be when it ends if it does end.

Oil: Oil will go to $20 per barrel but not all at once- will take some years- next target is 44.55 then $30.

Real Estate 2015-2016 strong real estate market due to low interest rates and fears of rising rates to come.  2nd half of 2015 to end of 2016 very strong real estate market in USA , Japan and Europe.
From 2018 on do not buy real estate to re-sell. You can buy a house now if you can afford it  but after 2018 problems in real estate market-- do not invest in real estate. 2025-2026 new technology in real estate- new homes will be built. After 2018 9 years of sideways or varied cycle for real estate- people will not buy houses.

China- 2022-2023social problems in China because of government changes- uncertain times in world economy.

2017-2018--bad markets. currency markets may fluctuate wildly--fall in markets. enjoy nature- enjoy money you made in previous years. I'm kind of thinking here be out of the stock market so you do not have to worry about your money- you can enjoy it in nature.

Note I have seen mention of begin of stock market fall in fall of 2016 in other messages not from Mahendra- even other astrologers mention this as well as the Pleidans. Mahendra has also mentioned fal of stocks in fall of 2016 as far back as 10 years ago- he doesn't tend to change his predictions.

So for not -to recap-- I say wait to buy silver and gold- hold palladium or keep it if you have it and stocks are ok but be careful if you do not like volatility. In the summer make sure you have exposure to banking and technology stocks. get out of markets by fall of 2016. Long term hold for silver and gold until 2052 but there will be fluctuations on the way up. I can not say if anything will perform including silver and gold in 2017 and 2018 though if anything does do well it probably woulf be gold and silver at that time as people may be nervous and they tend to buy silver and gold in hard times.

The following stocks are my own picks- not listed by Mahendra:
Banking: Bank of America BAC at 16,01
Suntrust  STI   41.27
Citigroup   C 53.49

Citigroup did a reverse split and was like $3 some years ago- the low was less than $2- I bought some in March of 2009 and it went up a lot. With the reverse split it is at $53.49 at todays close and with this figured was $500  before the crash of 2008-2009- C is an interesting stock indeed.

technology: my picks- these 2 stocks have relatively low risk grade

Other interesting to own:
BMNM if you have a large enough portfolio- they run ORC- this is higher risk and low volume.

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