Friday, February 13, 2015

Bond prices?

Got out of all REIT stock with profit. Bond price crash coming? Mahendra says bond prices will crash- I do not quite understand how this will affect REITS but it does not look good and prices are high so I sold. I  bought a little CELG. He says to avoid metals and commodities.
   Predictions of earthquakes sound really bad for Japan ( not in 2015 I dont think- no date given) especially since I love Japanese culture so much. Nothing can kill the soul and the akashic record will preserve the civilization and they will reincarnate on other parts of the earth so we will not lose the Japanese. Also predicted is another nuclear meltdown and large terrorist attack like 9-11. good news also- being we sit on so much Chinese bonds the Chinese will make peace with the USA and cut North Korea loose making the end of another dictatorship. If we continue to progress with our spirituality and not fear we will do very well in the coming years- do not succomb to fear. (Pleidan prediction)  Amma says we need to talk less and do more. Keep doing meditation.

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