Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 Russia

The problems in Crimea will only temporarily effect the markets.  Do not invest heavily in silver and gold or buy it on margin. it is good to buy physical metals if you do not have any or feel you do not have enough but the prices will come back down. Accumulate silver between now and summer- it will start going up mid-summer. After the correction stocks will resume the bull run. I have HZNP, PLUG, FNMA, and AGNC. These will resume the bull cycle they started- if you do not have them now it may be a good time to get in now because they are down today.
   I hear talks of the return of a cold war or Armageddon between Russia and the West but no large event will happen this year- the markets will forget this happened by the end of April. The negative period will last until about mid April perhaps.

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