Friday, January 31, 2014


REITs seem to have hit bottom and started going up. AGNC is outperforming and the ratings is a buy now. DX is less good but should do well too. Zacks rates AGNC a buy (2) and DX a hold. Accumulate physical silver and gold if you do not have any but it will continue to trade sideways or even negative until summer of 2014. it may be good to just wait to buy it too. Do not short or buy contracts. Stocks are very good for 2014- this is the last year and the best of years for stocks. I have HZNP, PLUG, FNMA, and AGNC. I had DX but it underperformed AGNC so I switched and am doing better now. AGNC is up 1.3% today despite the markets being down 1%. DX is up .62%.  Interest rates are down some which is helping REITs. AGNC will have earnings on Monday. Palladium should outperform silver and gold at least until summer. Stocks will be the best choice for 2014. All sectors except mining will do well this year. Real estate should outperform the market. We will never see a year like this again in our lives so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

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