Monday, April 23, 2012

Margin requirements

Margin requirements for silver were lowered last week. The Fed will eventually have to print more money to boost the economy. Silver is down $.99 today. FNMA is down 2 to 3% today. NASDAQ is down 1 and 1/2% due to Europe and China concerns. Mahendra has been innacurate in Silver price predictions. I think we should wait to buy silver on margin until mid May or at least early May.

5:30pm:  FNMA closed at $.285 down .35% and AGNC is up .31% at $30.715.  NASDAQ is down 1% so FNMA is showing some strength so when the market goes up there should be a gain. SLV closed at $29.97 and silver Kitco is at $30.85 at 5:36pm.

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