Wednesday, June 3, 2015

About our government in the USA: President Obama is not the cause of our problems, he is fighting the Illuminati in our Congress. We are getting some progress and people are actually leaving the Illuminati but there are still a lot of bad influences in our government. In fact ISIS may be in power because of insiders in our government. We have a mixture of good and bad here in America- things are getting better but we have a long ways to go. ISIS has to be defeated by cutting their funding. I would not be surprised if they get funding from the USA- they do have some money and there is a fight to cut the funding but bombing them alone will not work. Arabs and Jews will have to come together along with Iran to defeat them. There will be a large terrorist attack on the USA and the big oil and energy companies would rather we have a nuclear meltdown or big oil spill than let out the inventions that would make us free of oil and nuclear. All we need is an earthquake and one of those plants will split open like an egg then everyone will go like gangbusters to reveal new energy devices-- after its to late. We have a bunch of greedy bastards in power- should be washing dishes in prison rather than be in govt. and business! Big changes are coming late next year in our economy- the wrecking ball is coming so a new economic structure can be built. get out of stocks next year before it happens in the fall of 2016.

Stocks: BMNM is doing well despite low earnings of late. Citigroup was caught manipulating but they are so big they are not affected at all. BMNM has insider buys- keep BMNM. general markets have higher to go - we have a little more than a year left of this bull market. California will likely have the earthquake late next year. The movie put out about California is not realistic at all but regardless people in california and the areas near the Pacific like Japan should be ready and know what to do. There are those Lightworkers who can mitigate the damage but we should be prepared for the worst afterall this is an earthquake zone. Silver and gold should return to the spotlight later this year.

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