Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Strong dollar lower oil

it does not look good for silver and gold.  I have been selling some of my silver. Dollar is expected to be strong for some years to come and oil  will continue to fall in the long term.  Oil was briefly below $70 a barrel and Mahendra said it would go to $20 but more over a long period of time.  This does not bode well for silver and gold.
  Predictions for the years to come of my own: More scandals will break the news in government, religion and other areas. Nothing seems to be safe and institutions we always trusted with our life and spirituality will do the worst.  Our next Presidential (or one of them) candidate will run on exposing government corruption or that they are hiding something from us. The Church is also guilty of holding back. They both keep the good things for themselves and sell us the cheap crap that doesnt work. New sources of doing things and making energy are out there and they know it but big corporations who control the government want to keep us dependent on them. The same is in the Church- they have us go get sacraments at church when really we need to learn how to generate our own spirituality instead of going outside of ourselves to get it. it is all about control and making money. These old patterns will be exposed and people will free themselves in years to come. Garage mechanics will invent things to save us from oil- many inventions will come but they will not go main stream for a while but probably will be mainstream by 2028. Nucear is ruining our atmosphere and is said to be causing the ozone hole at the pole. Earthquakes are coming in late 2016 and we just can not contain the poisen from these plants- all nuclear plants and bombs including under the ground should be stopped. There are other reasonable forms of energy and I am not refering to wind and solar which are still quite expensive and wind kills to many birds. if we lose our birds and some other animals it could spell disaster for our lives on earth. There will be a new constitution around 2018, perhaps we need to verify that corporations do not have voting rights- each person gets one vote. There will be less international trade or it will be blocked. There will be more protests and demonstrations full of frustration with the governments or elite. The weather will also be a factor as well as other natural disasters like flooding. we need to get back to local food and also local manufacturing; some things may simply not be available so we will need to produce our food at home like in our gardens or local manufacture. We should try to buy things like boots and tools closer to home. i got a nice pair of winter boots with steel toes at Walmart for less than $50 made in Canada- in the past so much has been from mainland China and the origin and materials are of questionable quality.  we also need to avoid GMO foods and foods with large amounts of corn syrup, sugar and chemicals. Diet foods and drinks are also a big rip off- we all need to stop buying the frauds that abound in our siciety- in our Churches, governments and grocery stores. our Medical system is also bad and dominated by drugs and greed for money.  People are getting upset about the tricks big business play on us often killing without conscience with bad products and dishonesty. our government is keeping secrets as is the Church. it is possible they some how obtained alien or UFO technology but would rather build weapons with it than make every one's lifes better by sharing it.  iIkind of doubt that any decent higher forms of life would approve of us in government hoarding this technology while the rest of us destroy the environment with oil and nuclear energy. if this is the case I predict someone in government will come out with in  a year and expose or prove this is happening or at least show that many menbers of gevernment are hiding something so they can get kick backs in some hidden form. Who ever exposes them may run for president- the people are very open to being critical of anything the government is doing- they are just waiting for some scandal to come out in the Vatican or the US government. I do predict the Euro will collapse but it may not happen in 2015. China will continue to crack and weaken in 2015. they will eventually break up. Nobody will want to do business in Hong Kong if there are so many dis- satisfied people marching in the streets. China needs to go back to the Buddhist roots and let people be free to think and do business as they want. At least they need to not have a religion or one party running the country. In late 2016 get out of stocks- there may be some unaffected areas but I at this time do not know what they are- some will not recover. Cash may be the best place to be but I still am searching for the best place to put investments for even silver may not keep up for we may still have a strong dollar. After a few years it should be safe to get back into stocks but we may all have to exercise our spiritual faculties to get through unscathed. There will be a great awakening over the next decade and as we need things we will be enspired but our enspirations will tend to be local and small scale. Many will rediscover what the man we now call Jesus actually taught and his real name and teachings will be in their second coming. There could be some kind of revelation about life from other planets. I think governments already have access to knowledge of what is out there and the Church is at least looking fervently and probably knows already while they tell us there is nothing out there. Yes we are living in exciting times.

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