Friday, June 27, 2014

Buy silver gold and Nasdaq!

It is time to buy silver, gold and Nasdaq stocks. I have HZNP, FCEL, FNMA, and CPST. HZNP is my number 1 pick and will do very well and is marginable so it will compliment your more risky stock. Do not sell it. Silver will outperform gold. Palladium will also continue to do well. Gold may be volatile up and down- do not buy on margin or buy risky gold plays. Buy gold and silver for long term and enjoy the ride. Computer stocks and real estate should do well (YHOO, Home Depot, FNMA, FMCC, real estate will continue to recover. REITs should be ok but I do not have any now because these other stocks and metals will do so much better.
    Do not worry about the middle East hurting stocks this year. Amma wants us to pray for peace and take good care of our Earth. We are taking to much from Earth without putting anything back. I just got back from seeing my Guru Amma. I do think China's economy will continue to show cracks especially next year. Silver should be a good investment next year. SLVO and GLDI are good dividend plays for silver and gold. They are also the lowest risk grade and can be margined and will both go up and pay monthly dividends. Oil stocks may do well this month due to trouble in the middle east as well- I held some a little while and made some money on them.

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