Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I have PSLV

Just before the recent rise in silver prices I bought PSLV (The Sprott Fund) because I felt that the bottom of the market had been passed.  There is to much talk of scandal with big bankers shorting silver. I presume they are using SLV to short the market. You cannot short PSLV. I do not know for sure but it almost seems more silver is being ( or was) shorted than what exists. It took a month or more for Sprott to finally get his silver for PSLV. They had an offering in the mid part of the summer. I saw that the NAV or net assett value was was as close to closing prices as it ever has been at around - 2.5% above NAV. PSLV traded 15% to 20% higher than NAV when silver was at $48 2011.  With PSLV there is physical silver stored in Canada and it seems there is more certainty your shares of silver are actually backed by silver bars in PSLV's possession. If we have a run on physical silver I will have less to worry about with the Sprott fund PSLV.  I also do not have to store it in my house and it is easy to sell. I saved a watchlist of my silver using both PSLV and SLV on the day I bought the PSLV. I am 1.29 % ahead by using PSLV because it it is worth more than NAV now. (PSLV outperformed SLV which is a bonus for me) When they do offerings they push the price closer to NAV but that is when they buy more silver. They also did it in January and the price dropped something like 10% one day because of the offering. As NAV goes up further past NAV this is a risk- that there could be an offering. I bought it right after an offering though so Im probably Ok for a while. For those who want silver bullion without the risk of theft I do suggest PSLV over SLV. SLV is a bigger outfit with heavier volume than PSLV but the big banks are playing there and I cant tell where their silver is that the shares represent. If there arises a problem with availability of silver bullion I feel safer with PSLV.
      Silver could be $37 in October. Perhaps it could reach record highs next year. It will outpace gold and it has been.

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