Thursday, August 2, 2012


AGNC has been doing very well lately but I do notice some insider sells recently made. The earnings comes out today after the close. Silver is kind of neutral the last few days. There is reported to be more shorted than exists by some commentators. They have to eventually buy it back or else take delivery. I do not know if we just simply do not understand how the market works or if some kind of an accident with silver will eventually occurr. Obviously they do not want us to understand how it works but I do not see how you can short all of the shares of something. I wonder what a short squeeze would be like in silver?  Be careful trading the ETFs especially SLV. Also  be careful with the physical because someone could steal it on you.
   FTR is one of those stocks that seems to have hit bottom and is going back up. They made $.08 cents a share or 2 cents over expectations. They also seem to be doing a lot of contracts that indicate future growth. They suffered from some loss of business but seem to havce bought some contracts from Verizon. I got FTR at $3.68 and it is $4.37 now in the afternoon. It still may go up more. FTR also has a 10.5% dividend that they just declared a few days ago.

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