Monday, February 6, 2012

AGNC declares dividend early

The quarterly report came out tonight; some good news and some bad.  On December 31st Book value was raised $.80 from $26.90 to $27.71. In 2011 Book value went up $9.07 total.  The value of the mortgage backed securities went up in value.   AGNC has a net income of $.99 this recent quarter plus $.80 of undistributed income.  The first dividend of 2012 will be ex dividend on March 5th payable to record holders on April 27th. The amount will be $1.25 down from $1.40.  The repo rates were higher.  I think the higher book value will absorb much or most of the disappointment of the lower dividend and I think management did very well managing it.

FNMA went up like 17% today; this was predicted by Vedic astrology and this is only the beginning; the real estate markets will rebound in 2012.  Silver at this time of 7:00 pm is unchanged $ slightly up maybe $33.69 Kitco. 

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