Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian missionaries playing stoupid games

Christians from outside of India are stirring up trouble using immoral practices.  Here is a link to the article. Do not give to missionaries sending money overseas for Christmas, the money is used to entice children away from their native religion to Christianity. I  am concerned Christian missionaries will start a civil war in India, they teach people scandalous and untrue things about native Hindu religion. The government seems to look the other way. See my page on missionaries explaining what has been happening in India and other countries.  Some Churches are sending shoe boxes to Africa and possibly India, this is to entice children away from their culture and religion with candy and toys.  This is wrong and very damaging to christianity.  Christians are using the ends justify the means, they will get quick but not lasting results and will cause resentment and many will die in violence that it causes. Do we really want to cause a war between Moslems and christians in Africa or between hindus and Christians in Asia-- we already have enough problems caused by polyticians, we dont need the Churches throwing gas on the fire!

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