Thursday, September 8, 2011

IVR announces dividend

It will be paid  on October 27 to shareholders of record on Sept. 19th. The previous dividend was $.97, this one will be $.80.  The share price is $16.37 as of close today. In the last 3 months IVR has dropped over 25%. It was $22 3 months ago for a high.  This company, like CIM,  has had a lot of insider buys but has gone down despite the buys but some of the buys were at a lower price. Both CIM and IVR lost book value over the summer but their leverage rate is lower.  If the SEC decided to play with REIT leverage rates these 2 companies may be hit the least because they have lower leverage. I do believe the national house prices will begin to go back up in 2012.  Now is a good time to get back in to stocks because the market will resume the bull market but I think silver and gold will also continue to perform well. I cannot guarantee that all REITs will go up with stocks  when the market rebounds. Silver and gold will keep going up for the next 40 years until people realize gradually that the current money system is inadequate. Those who are stubborn and dont buy silver or gold will miss out on the protection and value and they will miss out on a chance of a lifetime. It will happen over time but the longer they wait the more of it they will miss.

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